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Aadsen, TeleThe Princess and the Sea6(2), 10
Adams, GaryAnts: A True Story1(2), 28
Albiso, SallyRavens Rolling in Snow2(1), 7
Alford, MeganProtect You4(2), 7
Allen, Lutherfinding for the first time where god hides5(2), 62
 in place7(2), 58
 Untitled4(1), 25
Alton, WilliamA Cauldron of Secrets4(2), 7
Amann, SkylaarWhen the Waves Rise2(2), 7
Amore, MarthaBuilding A Community Anthology [with Lucian Childs]8(1), 140
 Geology8(1), 54
 Pike1(2), 12
Anderson, JeanBird's Milk3(2), 62
 Roma: St. Louis, 19472(1), 8
 The Escape3(1), 41
Anderson, KirstenHarvest5(1), 47
 Stolen Sun2(1), 9
 The curve of the earth3(1), 41
 Ursus5(1), 47
Arnold, EileenBird World4(2), 37
Appel, Alexandra#54 from The Anchorage City Poems, Winter2(2), 7
 #57 The Anchorage City Poems, late May 20114(1), 25
 #59 from The Anchorage City Poems, July 20113(2), 27
 Anchorage City Poems #521(1), 32
 erratic, limestone lowlands7(1), 40
 The Lost Art of Conversation6(1), 10
 Water5(1), 48
Arcana, JudithFor My Son5(1), 48
 The woman who hands you a gun4(1), 26
Aronson, SarahFor Breakfast7(1), 40
 Potlatch 19887(1), 40
Aspros, MichaelBack Country Tea3(2), 27


Baalke, JohnGive Me an Endless Range3(1), 42
 It's All Downhill From Here1(1), 29
 On the Employment of Metaphors6(2), 56
 So Many Miles of Coast2(1), 9
Bacon, ThomasFive Seward Snapshots5(2), 62
Baker, BethLlama6(2), 56
Baker, MargaretSafe Harbor7(2), 139
Bakker, TheresaWashy, Washy Girl2(1), 59
Baldinger, Jo AnnWinter Still Life, Portland4(1), 26
Baldwin, LynFinding Home4(2), 39
Balk, ChristianneDaffodils8(1), 11
 Gold Creek Valley5(2), 63
 Fly Fishing6(2), 57
 Like Water3(2), 28
 Mist3(2), 28
 Tangle5(2), 63
 Walking the line in Judith Skillman's House of Burnt Offerings7(1), 122
 Yoke8(1), 11
Ballard, TaraAt Summer's End4(1), 27
Ballas, Teeka AniceCanopic Jars6(2), 57
 Stalking Anna8(1), 12
Banks, ScottBarrow1(2), 28
 I wore cowboy boots to work today1(1), 66
 Kvichak6(2), 59
 Suppose7(2), 58
 The Story of My Life1(2), 28
 The truth about a wave3(1), 42
 What I think about when writing captions3(1), 42
Barnes, TrevorSibiu2(2), 8
 Târgu Lâpus2(2), 8
Barnes, TrishWhistler1(2), 29
 Winter2(1), 8
Barnett, GabrielleCome and Gone Between Us7(1), 41
 Early Risers5(2), 63
 East Village Autumn4(1), 27
 Instead8(1), 12
 January Moon (Cook Inlet)6(1), 10
 Mountain Men4(2), 8
 Santa Cruz2(2), 11
 transposition6(2), 58
Barrington, JudithNo One To Tend The Grave4(1), 28
 Not The Night Nurse8(1), 13
 The Hypnotist At The Tillamook County Fair8(1), 14
 The Seventies Reminisce4(1), 28
Barton, JohnThe Seven Deadly Sins3(2), 29
Bates, CliftonJacob Made Cold2(1), 10
 To The Here and Now2(2), 69
 Witnesses5(1), 90
Bauberger, NicoleUntitled8(1), 15
Beck, MiriamBering Island6(2), 59
 Blue-Eyed Dancer5(2), 64
 Brotherhood5(1), 49
 To the Hunter2(1), 10
 Watershed8(1), 15
Begich, TomRoad7(1), 42
Bell, CindyA Young Guitarist Downtown on Solstice Weekend2(1), 11
 Those Images Inaccessible To My Pen2(1), 11
Benna, TiffanyArtless5(2), 64
 Ice Fishing5(2), 64
 Life in the rainforest5(2), 65
Bennett, JamesAcidic7(2), 114
Berger, KristinBorder-Crossing: Nicaragua4(2), 8
 Kindling6(2), 60
 The Pain and Bliss of Hibernation6(2), 60
Bernard, Deborah M.Debbie Does Deadhorse4(2), 43
 The High and the Mighty Visit 1980's Deadhorse, Alaska6(1), 77
Bertolino, JamesEagle Watching4(2), 9
 Ravine8(1), 16
Berton, MichaelColumbia River Haiku2(2), 13
Blankensop, DougA Visit from Annie Vent, Elder4(1), 29
 Louche4(1), 29
 She Don't Know Nothin'3(1), 43
Bloom, IreneSlugs7(2), 59
Bogart, PeteHaiku2(1), 11
Boochever, AnnieThe Evening Ritual7(1), 71
Borell, MarilynBoot Camp 19417(1), 43
 Fall Ritual8(1), 16
 Foster Daughter2(1), 13
 Grandpa Weir5(2), 65
 Home Front1(1), 31
 Look Again1(2), 29
 Mickey Mantle's Shower6(2), 61
 The Larder7(1), 43
 State of Comfort6(1), 11
 What Remains6(1), 11
Bossche, Karen VandeNamaste, Bitches7(2), 60
 Visiting Ketchum8(1), 17
 Wild Love7(2), 60
Bourgeois, WendyTools of the Future/Prehistoric Bodies1(2), 30
Bourne, DouglassThe Weight of the Roof2(2), 13
Boyer, MarionGustavus, Alaska, Pop. 1011(1), 34
Bradley, NicholasPort Angeles6(2), 61
Brady, Vincent WilliamUntitled2(2), 9
Brandlen, BreAnnDesire Want Need Revenge2(2), 12
 The Smallest Happiness2(2), 12
Brinck, GretchenA Boy Who Would Go Deaf3(1), 30
 Editing Leota7(1), 72
 Jimmy John's Baby5(1), 31
 Sunspots and St. Mary's Mission5(2), 27
 The Fox Boy3(2), 22
 Thin Ice6(2), 29
 Wild Dogs4(1), 75
Brinck, HaroldWe Never Saw Him Again5(2), 30
Brix, TerryMickey's Hot Springs4(1), 30
Brooks, EmmaWaiting to Fly1(2), 31
Brothers, RebeccaGrabbing at Clouds2(2), 12
 The Faithfulness of Tea2(2), 11
 The Hips of Angels4(1), 30
Brouwer, MatthewShady Lane Trail, Olympic National Park4(1), 31
Brown, ChandraUnfinished Migrations6(2), 12
Brendan-Brown, SeanAdmit Defeat, Eat Fast Food & Telecommute1(2), 31
 Agrarians1(2), 32
Bruno, ChrisPursing5(1), 22
Bruns, RandolCatching My King1(1), 30
 Evaporated Jesus2(1), 12
 Fresh Water1(1), 30
Buckley, MarieWhat Addisu Said1(2), 33
Buckingham, PollyChapter Nine: Haunting3(2), 66
 Exile4(2), 9
Bullis, JenniferAt Mt. Baker, October5(1), 49
Burleson, DerickAn Ending1(2), 34
 Going Back to Be1(2), 34
Burns, GeoffThe One That Got Away2(2), 58
Bursch, CatieField Dressing8(1), 17
Burwell, MikeA Place to Stand, A Conversation with Poet Tom Sexton3(1), 81
 Golfing the Bering Sea6(2), 62
 Prayer 597(2), 142
 Review of Changing Paths: Travels and Meditations in Alaska's Arctic Wilderness, by Bill Sherwonit2(1), 110
Buttenwieser, JanetKe Garne3(2), 18


Cairns, SandraThe Screen Porch8(1), 18
Campbell, JackDoorman7(2), 60
 Fish Camp5(1), 50
 Nenana Sunset Symphony6(1), 12
Cantwell, TomWaves6(1), 53
Caparas, Fawn R.Swept4(1), 32
Caprioli, MattRinglets7(1), 76
Carr, Fern G.Z.Return to Sender2(2), 15
Carty, BillThe Watchtower2(2), 15
Caston, AnneA Review of John Morgan's River of Light: A Conversation with Kabir, with drawings by Kessler Woodward5(2), 111
 The Cloak of Invisibility7(1), 44
 The Fix7(1), 45
 What The Daisies Say7(1), 44
Cavalli, VicSteelheaders Anonymous7(2), 118
 The Tow Truck1(2), 18
 The Wedding Night1(1), 59
 To a Daughter Conceived While Doing Time2(1), 13
Chase-Foster, SusanGod's Own Fruit7(2), 61
Chandonnet, AnnA Bedroom in Arles4(1), 32
Cheezem, DavidPoem Composed in the Sleep of my Mind Whle Binge-watching "The Killing" on Netflix8(1), 19
 This Light7(1), 46
Chiappone, RichardSans Serif8(1), 58
Childs, GregSeeing When We Get There: A Review of David Stevenson's Letters from Chamonix5(2), 109
Childs, LucianBuilding A Community Anthology [with Martha Amore]8(1), 140
 The Errand3(2), 70
Ching, Donald CarreiraSkeletons of Summer1(2), 19
Christianson, Kersten9 Kinds of Cottongrass6(1), 13
 A Review ofThe Hide of My Tongue: Ax L'óot' Doogú by Vivian Faith Prescott5(1), 95
 Aunt7(1), 46
 Goose & Grove8(1), 19
 Hometown7(2), 61
 North Again4(2), 66
 Poet Passes: Leaves Words Behind6(1), 12
 Stranding6(2), 63
 The Fortymile4(1), 33
 The Saltbox on Gibson Place7(2), 62
 Visiting the Cabin of Winter News above the Tanana River7(1), 47
Clark, AnsleyHibernation5(1), 50
Clear, T.Dusk5(1), 51
Coen, RossNordale Hotel4(1), 78
Coffin, LynNight-Wandering Vices6(2), 63
 Why I Moved to Seattle5(2), 66
Cohan, WendyLately7(1), 47
Cole, Marjorie KowalskiPieta2(1), 100
 Water1(1), 28
 Wildlife on Old Wood Road1(1), 29
Comes-Holloway, Robyn LynnDon't piss in the vat2(2), 23
 My grandma, the pimp2(1), 19
 My mother sketches a nude for Marlene & Jack2(1), 19
 When I think of third grade, I turn on my headlights2(2), 24
Conroy, LindaA Quiet Life8(1), 20
Cooper, Jonathantwo hills7(1), 48
Coray, AnnePainting, Intermediate1(2), 35
 Transitory6(2), 102
 Unpublished1(2), 35
Costa, LoreleiA Gull at Requiem3(1), 44
Craig, Michael EarlBear Photo1(1), 35
 Bluebirds1(1), 36
Cranston, KristinaBurning Houses5(1), 46
Cutler, DebbieA Tribute to Louise Freeman8(1), 138
 Death Becomes Him2(2), 14
 Grandpa7(2), 63
 Melody2(1), 14
 Sunday Morning1(2), 36


Daley, MichaelAmong School Children7(1), 48
 Full6(2), 64
 Of Myself I Sing8(1), 20
 To Climate Deniers in the United States Congress: May You See the Light From Behind Prison Bars8(1), 21
Dasbach, Julia KolchinskyLate 1940's Photograph4(1), 33
Davidson, ScottAir Pressure6(1), 13
 Recovery7(1), 49
 The Lorca Dream6(1), 13
de Boer, GeordieStill Life with Chainsaw2(1), 15
Dee, Carol R.Speaking with the Steller's Jay6(1), 14
DeFilippo, LynnAn Interview with Eva Saulitis5(1), 99
 Crabbing5(2), 37
Detrow, CynthiaKnowing Mud5(2), 41
Devine, MonicaMolly5(2), 67
 Water Mask3(2), 16
Dieffenbacher, SteveArrowhead7(2), 64
 Main Street Bar, Union, Oregon8(1), 21
Diemer, GretchenAfter Jack's Funeral6(2), 65
 El Agua1(1), 36
 Farm Visitor, Romania2(2), 16
 Monarch Migration2(2), 16
 Plitvičkaka Lakes, Croatia6(2), 66
 The Courage of Sophie Scholl2(2), 17
Dighiera, NicholasNaked Pictures of People You Know4(2), 58
Dinkel, Michael RaudzisEmailing Crazy Horse5(1), 51
Dixon, AnnWinter Ptarmigan1(1), 41
Dixon, PatrickBest Effort7(1), 49
 Black and White6(1), 15
 Boat Wakes5(2), 67
 Dead-Heading7(2), 64
 Early Summer Sex5(2), 68
 Ella Fukushima4(1), 34
 Overboard3(1), 44
 Sextant6(2), 67
 Spiderweb4(2), 10
Dodge, TrevorExactly Three Imperatives About Gordon6(1), 58
Doerper, VictoriaMy Husband's Map8(1), 22
 The Old Women7(1), 50
Donatelli, MaureenWindow3(2), 30
Douthat, CarolJohn Haines' Shoes6(2), 67
Draper, MelinaTongue to Tongue3(2), 30
Duckler, MerridawnGinsberg at The Grey6(2), 68
 Going through the old clothes:6(1), 16
 I Blame the Musicals6(1), 15
Duggal, AnishkaThe Optics of Water7(2), 65
DuPree, BenI Found You7(1), 13
Duong, QuocSure, You Should Try That4(1), 34
Durham, HeatherDestiny Manifested7(1), 82


Eberhart, KatieCabin Fever2(1), 76
 Facets3(1), 45
 How Change Comes5(2), 68
 Negotiating Spring Creek4(1), 72
 Rehabilitation2(2), 18
 The Fragrance Of Memory2(2), 78
Eckrich, SherryCatch and Release1(2), 35
 For a Dog in Mourning5(1), 52
 Garden Party1(1), 37
 October Departures6(1), 16
 Our Ground Time Here Will Be Brieft: Remembering Maxine Kumin, June 6, 1925-February 6, 20145(2), 107
 Persimmons2(2), 21
Edelman, CarolynCrapshoot3(1), 45
 Walking Alee of Wild Roses1(1), 33
Einbinder, NathanGiang4(2), 63
Eisert, JasonBig Lake2(1), 15
 Building a Campfire with my Father2(2), 18
 Darwin's Bar4(2), 10
 River2(2), 18
Ellis, KathyBad With Money7(2), 119
Engelhard, MichaelBerry-Pickers and Earthmovers3(1), 39
 Mating Dance Under the Midnight Sun6(2), 18
Engelhardt, JamesBoreal Halloween4(2), 11
 Czarnina (Duck Blood Soup)3(1), 46
Erd, WendyA Form of Prayer8(1), 22
 At Night Above Our Sleep6(1), 17
Erickson, Susan J.Winter Solstice in the Skagit Flats4(1), 34
Ervine, GeneAlaska Is A Library7(1), 51
 Boreal Spoons6(2), 69
 Carving the Yellow Cedar Spoon7(2), 66
 Skydiving Lopez Island8(1), 23
Eulensen, KatherineCarmino de Santiago2(2), 20
 The Haircut2(2), 19


Fagen, RobertCameo6(1), 18
Fair, JeffBetrayal8(1), 93
 Seeking Spirit1(1), 7
Farmer, DarylSolstice6(2), 70
Farmen, KrisPerfect Day1(2), 75
 Turn Again4(2), 70
Fewster, DavidA Red Sky Poetry Memoir7(2), 23
 Chimes at Midnight in Open "C" Tuning7(2), 67
 The Poetry Slam7(1), 17
Fields, Tamie MarieSilvers4(1), 87
Fifield, TerryWaves of Time: A Walk by the River6(2), 22
Fisher, LionelGrowing Up Brown2(2), 80
Fisher, PaulAffogato8(1), 23
 Black Moon, White Mountain5(1), 52
 Clallam River Site5(2), 69
Fogle, Leonie MikeleThe Tansu Chest7(1), 50
Ford, WilliamA Wilderness Love6(1), 18
 Ferrying Across6(1), 19
 North of Vancouver, B.C.7(2), 68
 On Foreign Ground, 19697(1), 52
 Overcast5(2), 69
 The Tide Mark at Forbes Landing5(2), 70
Fowler, Susi GreggLike an Amaryllis3(2), 30
 Listening to Nora, I Got This Poem5(2), 70
 The Laughter of Courting7(2), 68
Franklin, MaxineSkagit River Spirits2(2), 21
Fraser, David100 Percent Milkshake4(2), 11
Freeman, LouiseEmpty Cabins7(2), 17
Freeman, Molly LouDoucement6(1), 19
 Lord, You Are3(1), 47
 Remind Me of What I Love4(1), 35
Fried, LeslieA boy with lizard eyes5(2), 71
 Aching in the Lowlands5(2), 71
 Afterwards,8(1), 24
 Border Town5(1), 53
 Dancing from Warsaw to Vilna in Black and White6(2), 70
 Existential Texas4(2), 12
 In Ostende6(1), 19
 Lilikoi5(1), 53
 The Boys Outside7(2), 69
Friis-Baastad, ErlingThe Hunter1(1), 41
 Untitled4(1), 35
Furshong, GabrielStateline, Great Burn7(2), 70
 Train Stopping at Midnight7(2), 70


Gallagher, TessKarver Bookstore: Montenegro4(2), 13
Ganesan, MayaCatharsis4(2), 13
Garland, AndreaPassing Cape Caution3(2), 74
Garland, LanceLa Luna Tease5(2), 72
 Sourdough Lookout: Early September8(1), 24
Gerling, KennyAnchorage Reflection #16(2), 73
 Merton7(1), 52
 Now I Am Editing: An Interview with Sculptor Kate Carr7(2), 143
 Valor, Mystic, Instinct8(1), 25
Going, JoAgain Witer1(1), 38
 Mountain Lion1(1), 38
 Mozia5(2), 73
 Saying Goodbye5(1), 54
 Sunflowers in Italia7(1), 53
 That Sunday in Piedmonte6(1), 20
 Vermillion8(1), 25
 Wolves3(1), 48
 You and I and the World, an interview with John Haines1(2), 79
Golden, J. RamseyApproaching Lindisfarne2(1), 16
 In Spite of Keats6(1), 22
 Lastlight1(2), 36
 Tomorrow6(1), 22
Golden, SierraFisherman in the P Bar2(2), 22
 Self-Portrait with Goats7(1), 53
 Pelican, AK2(2), 22
Gontard, LilyAt The Party4(1), 36
Goodman, MarkChicago 136(1), 23
Goodrich, RebeccaA Review of Sandra Kleven's Defiance Street: Poems and Other Writing7(1), 125
 Cabrillo Beach Sunset8(1), 26
 John Phillip Santos: Cosmic Green Card4(1), 36
 People of the Blue Tarp: A Review of Cinthia Ritchie's novel, Dolls Behaving Badly6(1), 118
Gordaneer, AlisaEquinox: Fall3(2), 31
 Equinox: Spring3(2), 31
 Solstice: Summer3(2), 31
 Solstice: Winter3(2), 31
Gordon, Ela HarrisonA Book's Two Halves3(2), 32
 Review of Steam Laundry by Nicole Stellon O'Donnell4(1), X
Green, Claudia F.Dirty Laundry in Juneau6(1), 23
 Returning to the (Inner) Mesa5(1), 54
 The Best Bed I Have Ever Known8(1), 26
Green, Melissa S.Anchorage Oil Town villanelle1(2), 37
 Copper River5(1), 55
Grover, QuinnKissing, Telling, and Invisible Trout: A Dilemma8(1), 99
Gruis, PhilPostponing penance2(1), 16
 They think you're miserable2(1), 17
Gulyas, LeeLessons in the Art of Overnighting Outdoors1(2), 37


Habecker, KelseaExcerpted from I Watch the Snow Cry (a memoir-in-progress)2(2), 84
Hanlen, Jim7.17(2), 72
 A Chinese Tall Panel Landscape5(2), 73
 Alaska Cardboard Beggar2(2), 24
 Auditioning King Heads For Alaska Water Color Class7(1), 54
 Bear Totem5(1), 55
 Chena River Strategy4(2), 16
 Iraqi Bird Census2(1), 18
 Looking Under Yeats' Bed3(1), 48
 Map of Hugo5(1), 56
 Outside EZ Loader 19666(2), 73
 Unnamed Creek Behind Cavazos' House6(1), 24
 Willimas' Chickens6(1), 24
 You Standing There5(1), 55
Haeder, PaulA Poet, the Pacific Flyway, and a Sonora Flash Flood5(2), 42
 Dystopia Blues - Who Will Write a Song about Ice Caps Melting When All Music Dies?7(2), 71
 Interview with Michael Strelow, October 2015, on the Willamette, querying him about the intricacies of wirting his book Henry: A Novel of Beer and Love in the West on a real historical character, Henry Weinhard, and the role he played as literary puppeteer and historian7(1), 127
 Water Like Beer - Old World Dreams Transformed Out West in the Shape of a Brewer's Right of Passage. A Review of Michael Strelow's Henry: A Novel of Beer and Love in the West7(1), 119
 Wrestling the Blind, Chasing Apache Horses, and Unpacking the Vietnam War5(1), 12
Haines, Jan HarperTriumph and Tragedy5(1), 8
HallettSevenling6(2), 73
Hardy, CynthiaThe Stink Bug on Joe Enzweiler's Shirt5(2), 74
Hargrove, Shaunadear3(1), 49
Harmes, ShaneIron John on the Wagon5(1), 56
 Iron John Unemployed3(2), 34
 Songs South of the Border3(2), 33
Harrell, M.X Campers5(1), 57
Harrison, ElaA Review of Fleda Browns' No Need of Sympathy5(1), 97
 An Interview with Erin Coughlin-Hollowell-Discussing her new book, Pause, Traveler4(2), 85
 Say "Yes" To Where You Are4(2), 14
Haskins, JacquelineWind Bones3(2), 34
Hayes, ErnestineOld Tom Brings Water into the World1(1), 44
 Old Tom's Hands1(1), 45
Hecker, DavidA Lucky Crab7(2), 72
 Way of Life or Love?7(2), 73
Hedlund, AlisonRaven8(1), 27
Henriques, RobertWhat Goes Around8(1), 27
Hermann, JustinPanther2(1), 85
Heyne, EricAccretions1(1), 39
 Autumn on the Aegean4(1), 37
 Gigon4(1), 37
 Spring Forward, Fall Back3(1), 49
 Found1(1), 40
Hicks, BobChuckanut Crest Without Us4(2), 16
 Dusk, Lewis River7(2), 73
 Pica Pantoum5(2), 74
 Words disappeared6(1), 25
 Young Woman on the Bus, Tweaking7(2), 74
Hiershe, Robin (w/ Gordon Chew)in such a silent place4(1), 38
Hill, LauraHaiku8(1), 28
Hill, Sean PatrickFreezeout Creek1(1), 48
Hjortsberg, MaxBirds Evidently3(2), 35
Hoan, Nguyen CongThe Teeth of an Upper-Class Family's Dog
(translated by Quan Manh Ha)
3(1), 24
 Wife4(1), 15
Hoffman, Robert DavisVillage Boy6(2), 74
Holleman, MarybethAt a Poetry Reading8(1), 29
 every rock6(2), 74
 rock poem8(1), 30
 The Beating Heart, Minus Gravity1(2), 38
 The Fantastic Skies of Orphan Stars2(2), 19
 the warm dark6(2), 75
 The Wing Feather2(2), 19
 Yesterday, On the Familiar Trail1(2), 38
Hollowell, Erin CoughlinFortune2(2), 47
Holroyd, BranwynHibernation6(2), 75
 The First View of Winter from Elevation Coffee, Taos NM7(2), 75
 The Task of Excavation Holds Her7(2), 76
Holthaus, AileenThe Fox6(1), 25
Hood, BarbaraGlowing in the Dark7(2), 122
 Winter Bear8(1), 31
Hoover, LeotaMomma's Moose4(2), 74
Hopkins, CurtOn Moving to Paris to Start a Wan Tubercular Literary Journal3(1), 50
 The Return of American Monster1(2), 39
Houk, Amy O'NeillHaunt5(2), 48
Howard-Snyder, FrancesRocket Science7(1), 21
Hudson, Hannah"If you are squeamish, don't prod the beach rubble"3(2), 35
Hughes, DavidPresident Bush and the Rubik's Cube8(1), 64
Hult, CarolIn the still of winter2(1), 20
 Wilderness Dreams2(2), 26
Hutson, RaymondNight Rain4(1), 38
Hutton, B.a nod to kerouac, bukowski, waits, and the inventor of the humancity4(2), 17
 crabapples6(1), 25
 i never know how to respond when my brother sends me poetry about his suicidal fantasies or killing his wife and her lover4(1), 39
 koyuk poem5(1), 58
 Noises8(1), 65
 Piece Of Work4(1), 40
 Sunday, 12/19/04 7:45AM1(1), 42
 the quality of tears5(1), 58


Ippolito, JohnThe Awakening2(2), 26
Isto, SarahAfter Her Tidy Death7(2), 76
 Equinox Below Zero7(1), 54
 Insinuate Yourself in Willows6(1), 26
 New World5(2), 75
 No Bridge to Somewhere6(2), 76
 Not So Deep Our Bay6(1), 26
 Yukon Flats5(1), 59
Iverson, MattBroken Cup5(2), 75
Ivey, Eowyn LeMayThe Creek1(2), 20


Jaeger, BrendaLullaby for My Guitar5(2), 10
 Tremolo5(1), 59
 You Could Hang and Swing3(1), 50
Jani, SethOlly and the World Sea7(2), 77
Jansen, BillTillamook Dawn3(1), 51
Janssen, MarcPhilip, Seattle, 19215(1), 59
 The Rhythm of the Rain6(1), 27
 November IV5(2), 77
 Windsong7(1), 85
Janssen, WillWashed up in Portland5(2), 76
Jean, TedAshes of Love2(1), 20
Johnson, J. ChristineDulce Et Decorum Est4(1), 17
Johnson, JillWillow 16(1), 27
 Dry Dirt Country: Cassidy's Complaint7(2), 77
Johnson, Juleen Eun SunBlink for Luck4(2), 18
 Country Cat (Uncle Willie)5(1), 60
Johnson, MichaelThe Logger's Lament4(2), 18
Johnson, Michael LeeCaricature of an Early Planter: Edmonton, Alberta, 19782(1), 20
 Coffee Time, Fuller's Restaurant4(2), 19
Jordan, DavidGardeners6(1), 60
Jones, DixonOccupational5(2), 77
 The marathon of autumn5(2), 77
Jones, Marion AvrilynContract7(2), 78
 Falling to Land8(1), 31
 For Marjorie: Playing with Fire7(2), 78
 Threshold7(1), 55
JunemoonShe Did It Anyway6(1), 17


Kane, JoanNesting Chronology1(1), 50
 The Fire1(1), 50
Kancewick, Marya shadow6(2), 76
 Three Rules7(1), 55
 Women Boating4(2), 19
Karnick, DaneDrawing Skills2(2), 27
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